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Change Management Consulting

The need for effective Change Management is often misunderstood and therefore poorly executed. Managing the 'human side' of any organisational change is a key to sustained success.

Human Priority provides Change Management consulting services that deliver the employee-related strategies and solutions required to support the company’s agenda of change, and create sustainable performance improvements across the organisation.
We focus on strategies that are aligned to the organisational culture and lead to improved performance, skills development and participation. Humnan Priority's Principle of Change Management always form the basis of our approach. This approach ensures the organisational culture is left richer, and in possession of the tools and skills for ongoing improvement.

We facilitate change management through:
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Communication and Engagement Strategies

Executive & Individual Coaching

Human Priority’s focus in coaching executives and team players is to produce measurable results that are aligned to business needs.

Our aim is to develop high-performance leaders who are more aware of their capabilities and skills, and able to make significant improvements to their organisation’s performance by optimising their own and their team’s effectiveness.

We achieve this through coaching programs that enhance individual performance, develop leadership capabilities and skills, and promote a positive, action-oriented attitude and organisational culture.

We also provide an executive mentoring and advisory service, where appropriate.

Team Development & Coaching

Human Priority’s Team Development and Coaching Programs focus on what the team must deliver, and how they will deliver it effectively and efficiently.

By promoting the use of practical and creative strategies, and enhanced communication, we can help develop a high-performance team who, individually and collectively, increase their organisational effectiveness.

Our strategies for team development include:
  • Promoting and developing a collaborative and supportive climate
  • Understanding individual personality types and how these can be effectively applied
  • Appreciation of the individual and group decision making processes and how to deliver each of them
  • Establishing commonality of goals and business-related issues
  • Developing effective communication strategies

Our programs are designed to produce tangible and measurable results that have an enduring impact on organisational culture and performance.


The art of facilitating a group to have real conversation that allows all participants to contribute, and feel committed to the group outcome, is a rare and sought after capability. We have mastered this art. Whether it be a work team, a group of senior executives or a project team , we drive a group towards an outcome that is rich with buy in, honesty and practical implementation solutions.

The key to achieving increased long-term organisational effectiveness and performance is to promote a culture that involves all participants and develops skills across the organisation.

Human Priority facilitates workshops for strategic planning, business planning, projects, conferences and team development.

Our workshops are results focused, skills based, and actively promote involvement by all participants to ensure optimum outcomes for the organisation.

Business Planning

Whether it is for an entire organisation, or for business units within an organisation, Human Priority adds a valuable perspective for your business planning needs. Our proven approach is to work with your business team to look at big picture objectives and the actions and timelines needed to achieve them. We work strategically with the people behind the processes and analyse human resource strengths and weaknesses in relation to the business plan. The Human Priority Team-Based Planning Model, continues to deliver extraordinary results for our clients.

Whether it is simply a case of 'getting every one on the same page' or facilitating in depth team based planning, we help your team set up an environment conducive to executing the plan dynamically and effectively.


LSI™ (Life Styles Inventory) and MBTI™ (Myers Brigg Type Indicator) are dynamic profiling tools for increasing organisational effectiveness and performance.

LSI is used to identify the different styles of thinking, behaving and interacting that underlie performance and effectiveness throughout the organisation.

At an individual level, an MBTI profile outlines a person’s basic attitudes, processes of perception and way of dealing with the world. Identification of these behavioural elements helps individuals to understand and utilise their strengths, style and preferences, to minimise their potential weaknesses, and increase their understanding of others.

Facilitation of LSI and MBTI can help those who work or live together to understand how previously irritating and obstructive differences can become a source of amusement, interest and strength.

Peak Performance - Nutrition / Health

Your people are your greatest asset. Loss of vitality on an individual level can combine to have a massive accumulation effect on any organisation. Human Priority addresses this with our customised peak performance programs to literally 'lift the game' of your team.

Our peak performance programs go beyond the usual dry lectures on nutrition and exercise and introduce elements to turbo charge the vitality and passion of your team members.

Benefits go beyond the simple improvements in productivity and efficiency and into areas of increased creativity and clarity. Happy, healthy individuals like coming to work and doing their best.

Business Leaders - Retreats & Forums

Sometimes a change in environment stimulates creativity and productivity both personally and collectively. Our leadership retreats and forums are powerful programs designed to integrate cutting edge skills, talents and behaviours that provide quantum change for your business.

Held in residence, these programs challenge your leaders both on personal and professional levels, enabling them to bring out the best, not just in themselves but also in those that they lead.

On a personal level, our retreats also include life changing programs around habits and health - See our peak performance service for more details.