Who We Are

Our Directors collectively have more than 50 years experience in the field of Change Management, Strategic Facilitation, Coaching and Human Resource in Australia and the UK.

Together with our hand picked team of consultants, we have been implementing and managing change programmes for organisations in Australian and the UK. We have refined our approach and continually develop our skills to produce and deliver programmes whose effects remain long after we leave the organisation...

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The Team

Director, Virginia Thompson lead Human Priority’s team of hand-picked consultants.

Through our alliance with People Leaders, we are able to service organisations of all sizes throughout Australia.

With collectively over 50 years of experience in leadership development, coaching and change management there’s a great deal we could say about Human Priority’s experience and abilities but we believe our clients’ feedback is the ultimate testament to the calibre of the team. 
Virginia Thompson Human Priority

Virginia Thompson

Virginia approaches every client with energy, creativity and a genuine desire to affect change. Before co-founding Human Priority, she spent 15 years in strategic HR corporate positions within the financial services industry. This experience makes Virginia’s coaching and consulting approach pragmatic and results orientated.

Virginia was instrumental in the cultural journey of both MLC and NAB. She is known for her ‘push the envelope’ approach, and her success is built on a passion for assisting people to realise their potential. She led many of the Change Management initiatives for key strategic programs within MLC/NAB from 1999 to 2005. One of Virginia’s great strengths is that she understands the connection between creating the right culture and the delivery of superior business outcomes.

Virginia has a core capability in facilitation. Her understanding of the financial services industry from the ‘inside’ gives her a knowledge base edge you don’t often find within other consulting and coaching organisations. She uses a proven strategic planning approach to assist design and facilitate tailored strategy and business planning workshops.

Virginia believes that great leadership starts with Trust. She has a disarming and effective way of creating trust within teams and of leaders. She’s not afraid to get in and roll up her sleeves to ensure leadership and change programs are established correctly from the outset. Her work with senior management teams has proved invaluable to achieving high performance team cultures.

Virginia has a BA Dip ED and is accredited NLP, DiSC and LSI practitioner. She has coached over 100 clients within the past 3 years. Her coaching approach has been commented on as an ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’. She is compassionate yet demanding and gets great joy from assisting her clients succeed. As a busy executive, wife and mother of 3 children she believes we can excel in many roles, when we are truly clear on what’s importance to us.
Michelle Terkelsen People Leaders

Michelle Terkelsen, Associate Consultant

Michelle Terkelsen has been ‘bringing out the best’ in individuals and teams in the corporate environment for more than 17 years. Her coaching specialties include leadership development, goal setting, values identification, and strategic decision-making processes.

Michelle’s impact as a coach lies in her ability to bring out each individual’s own leadership capabilities, personality strengths and communication modalities.

Michelle follows a strategic approach that allows all her coaching clients to experience more confidence to lead from within, be more adept at coaching others and experience significant changes in their own performance, mentally, physically and emotionally. Michelle also uses a number of well-established and highly validated inventories and assessments such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), the MBTI and LSI (powerful feedback mechanisms for growth and development).

Michelle has been a consultant and coach since 1997. From 2001 to 2004 Michelle spent three exciting years working in the UK developing and delivering programmes in areas of Change Management, Business Planning Facilitation, Executive and Team Coaching. Her client list includes companies such as National Australia Bank, Macquarie Bank, Origin Energy, Bovis Lend Lease Europe, LUCRF, Westpac and Challenger. Her interest in cutting edge self-development and performance systems has led her to her current role as the Co –director of Human Priority, a strategic human resource company.

Michelle has established a reputation for excellence in communication, coaching and personal transformation, offering fresh, creative and alternative perspectives in the corporate setting. Michelle has over 2,000 one-on-one coaching hours, with clients in corporate Australia, and Europe. Michelle has a B.Ed and an MBA (specialising in Organisational Development). She is an accredited MBTI and LSI practitioner and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
Jan Terkelsen People Leaders

Jan Terkelsen, Associate Consultant

Jan Terkelsen is a facilitator, coach and change agent, specialising in Team Building, Personal Transformation and Work-Life Balance. She also served in the NSW Police Service for over ten years working across several fields including Organisational Analysis and Forensic sections. Jan has an extensive background in health, fitness and stress release techniques.

Jan has completed her coaching accreditation with the International Coach U University and is an accredited Myers Briggs (MBTI), LSI and OCI Practitioner. Jan believes that once you have gained insight into how you operate, you can then move into acceptance, change and transformation.

Once you have experienced a session with Jan she will provide you with a clear practical action plan that will assist you to continue new sustainable habits and awareness.

Jan has a reputation for creating structures that assist people to create exciting possibilities in the way they self manage and lead others. Jan guarantees her clients walk away from their experience with her completely satisfied, respected, and acknowledged. Feedback from clients consistently demonstrate her unrelenting commitment to excellence in delivering what the clients wants and what the client ultimately needs.

Jan works on the premise that insight without action will not effect change - it is only when one takes dedicated action that rewards follow. Jan puts in place with her clients a structured approach to change and transformation that is essential to their success.

Jan also follows a combination of intuitive and structured approaches to coaching and facilitation that allows all her clients to experience more confidence, energy and direction in their lives. Jan works with Human Priority on a collaborative basis through People Leaders.