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Human Priority takes a wholistic approach to learning and change and is motivated by a desire to translate our depth of knowledge and ability into genuine practice.

We go beyond conventional approaches to resolve the hidden challenges of organisational development through creative solutions and close client relationship.

Our Values

At Human Priority we are driven and guided by these simple yet fundamental values...


Alignment with personal values is key ingredient for professional success. 'Bringing out the best' in the people that we work with includes helping them to recognise and align themselves with their own personal values.


Because the power of collective thought and collective action is exponential, we strive to involve all stakeholders every step of the way - "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"

Personal Responsibility

Each of us is responsible for our own actions and reactions. Communicating this to our clients allows for open and honest expression and personal accountability.


While it takes creativity to think of possibilities, it takes courage to explore them and make them happen. We endeavour to take our clients as far as possible into the field of possibilities.

Our Expertise

Human Priority’s primary areas of expertise are Leadership and Team Development, Strategic Planning and Facilitation, and Change Management.

For over 15 years we have been implementing and managing successful Programs with organisations in Australia and the UK.

Human Priority’s programs continue to succeed because we add value by coaching our clients in our tools and techniques, which leaves the organisational fabric much richer and better equipped to cope with the next wave of business challenges and changes.

Our experience over the last two decades has culminated in our Principles of Change Management, which underpin all our change programs.

Business Team Discussion

Business Leaders Retreats & Forums

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Sometimes a change in environment stimulates creativity and productivity both personally and collectively. Our leadership retreats and forums are powerful programs designed to integrate cutting edge skills, talents and behaviours that provide quantum change for your business.

Held in residence, these programs challenge your leaders both on personal and professional levels, enabling them to bring out the best, not just in themselves but also in those that they lead.

On a personal level, our retreats also include life changing programs around habits and health - See our peak performance page for more details.